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Run up the down escalator.
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 1 7
Beneath a breast of bright feathered jewels
A humming heart seems to never know sleep,
Yet the unyielding tyrant who immortally rules
Will snuff out that life and bury it deep.
Despite the carnation's sweet blush of youth,
There's nothing that grey cannot overtake
Fair fragile butterflies know well the truth
That the hunger of death will never slake.
The eyes of a faun are dulled quickly by car,
Crows eating its meat will feel no disgust,
And even such scavengers cannot fly far
Before their feathers are coated with dust.
Yet from the silent grave where passed life lies
The fresh buds of flowers will triumphantly rise.
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 1 4
Nature works a careless craft,
Her hands are caked with mess;
Shaping the mountains from mounds of clay,
And wiping what's left on her dress.
She smears gold paint on the breast of a bird
And into the eyes of a cat,
She runs her hands though sunset clouds,
Forsaking her painter's mat.
Plunging her fingers in reds and greens
She shakes them over a meadow,
Mixing all of her colors together
So she can make darker the shadows.
Her brushes untouched in a dusty jar
Her pencils long forgotten,
She runs around with her hands splayed out
While her pastels get all rotten.
She seizes globs of violent dye,
Slinging them 'cross the earth,
They splatter red for bloody death
And red for each new birth.
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 0 6
The Box
I looked in the box and found nothing there.
Dust settled thick on the bottom like dew,
The smell of silence stood ripe on the air.
And as I looked, a thrill of despair
Plunged through my heart and rent it anew,
I looked in the box and found nothing there.
In days past I filed you away with a prayer
Some pieces in velvet and in cedar too,
The smell of silence stood ripe on the air.
I know that now you always wear
The best of your suits, for worms to chew—
I looked in the box and found nothing there.
I've always thought that it was unfair
That we were parted without saying adieu,
The smell of silence stood ripe on the air.
Our hands lost their bands to His cruelest snare,
So I thought to keep that last piece of you;
I looked in the box and found nothing there—
The smell of silence stood ripe on the air.
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 1 10
On ticking wings time flies away,
Though many wish it were to stay.
The scurry of each clock-hand's sway
Upon their minds does greatly prey.
Though many wish it were to stay,
Others pray that the hours are brief.
The scurry of each clock-hand's sway
Is to some a great relief.
Others pray that the hours are brief.
A ticking clock in an early class
Is to some a great relief,
As the tiresome minutes pass.
A ticking clock in an early class,
Often bending every ear
As the tiresome minutes pass,
And the end draws ever near.
Often bending every ear
Is not the chime of each heart's beat,
And the end draws ever near—
Not many realize life is fleet.
Is not the chime of each heart's beat
The most melodious of sounds?
Not many realize life is fleet
The clock of time is tightly wound.
The most melodious of sounds:
A ringing of the ending bell,
The clock of time is tightly wound
But just for now life's pretty swell.
A ringing of the ending bell
Signals the passing of another day
But just for no
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 0 0
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The Voyage
The deck of the ancient barge Valkyrie was completely flooded, the fat, heavy waves pounding so relentlessly that it looked more like a river than part of a ship. There was no wind or lightning, not even any rain; the ominous groan of metal and the thrashing of the invading sea were the only sounds. Above the ship, a hollow black expanse spilled out over the bow, as if a giant broom and dustpan had swept across the sky and neatly brushed all the stars away. The smooth electric lights on deck barely managed to penetrate it, turning the seething water a violent orange and giving the scene an abstract look.
A pair of faces competed for space at a dingy porthole overlooking the chaos, squinting against the orange lantern glare and the streaks of water that surged up the door. As they watched, the ocean heaved and hauled itself onto the deck, slamming into the massive storage cells and dragging one over the opposite side. One of the figures withdrew from the window, a little light fl
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 0 14
A flicker
                       A flash—
     Whisked away,
   caught in a highway tide,
Two thin slivers, the most unlikely
of canvases—
painted with fire and ink
on a skin of velvet frost,
        Such colors!
they should rip themselves apart,
they should burn right through;
        impossibly they survive
to be dashed against my
Some butterflies carry such dazzling colors on their wings to try and attract a mate. The intricate patterns on the membrane help males and females identify each other as members of the correct species, right for each other. In other cases, however, the brightness is a sign to warn away predators. It says that, as pr
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 3 0
Open your eyes. Drink it all in.
Arms reaching out to grasp the sun,
Your pores open in a gasp, baked dry,
Craving moisture or touch, or both.
Worm your feet into the earth,
Curl your toes, seek the bedrock,
The cool mud entering through your skin
And creeping into your veins, bringing life.
Sway in the wind, feel it ruffle your hair
Gulp the air until it fills you, then release.
The sky shifts, rolls over into darkness,
Stilling the buzz of sunlight.
Pull up your roots, raw and naked in the cold;
Turn to the west and the setting sun,
And follow it out of the night.
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 0 10
Next Time
Do it. I dare you.
Decide you don't care.
Make a promise to yourself.
Tell a lie to yourself.
Say it will be different this time.
Here's the edge: take the plunge.
Try to be true to yourself.
Realize you don't know your own self.
Say it will be different this time.
Say anything. Anything.
Don't ask why.
Beat your chest.
Think you're tough.
Remember you're not.
Remember your weakness.
Try anyways.
Say it will be different this time.
Say it will be different this time.
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 1 2
Fire is a southern gal.
She spends some evenings rocking on the front porch;
She does art, as a hobby, favoring reds and yellows.
She'll drink little kerosene cocktails,
Eat heartily from plates of dry tinder and twigs;
Her hands are playful, dancing like lighted junebugs,
Her rosy lips part over teeth, bright and bared,
Shining across the hillside, seen from miles around,
Smiling, or grinning more like: wide and wild.
She likes to get away from all of that;
She runs so fast when her skirts don't catch her up,
Or when she isn't choked by that cruel asthma
And forced to rest for a little while.  
She likes climbing trees, the feel of their bark,
The merry sound of their laughter crackling on the breeze
The wind swelling in her hair, huffed deep into her lungs,
She likes the smell of wood-smoke, acrid and sweet;
She likes to see where her feet will take her,
Coursing through the  woodlands, never looking back.
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 0 0
Ingredients of You
Blue sun dress (curve-hugging, cotton),
Homemade woven bracelet (shells from Virginia Beach),
12 ounce bottle of lotion (fake-orange-smell),
White strappy sandals (Payless),
Hair band (extra strength elastic),
A ring (1/3 carat, 3 months)
Earrings (the Parson's garage sale),
Heart Pendant (with love from mom),
Laid out empty on what was once our bedroom floor.
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 0 0
In 1957 they invented moving stars.
They wired them up, using
Flashlight bulbs and Christmas lights,
They stuffed them in a cannon and
Aimed for the moon—BOOM
They taught them how to fly.
Tossing them up like baby birds,
They watched them forget—like Looney Toons—
That they were supposed fall down again.
They lie on their backs in the dewy  grass
And watch them sail on a nothing wind,
They whisper wishes into sheltered palms
And hitch them to their metal stars.
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 0 2
        The stars shone brightly that night, like white-hot needle points in the sky. The moon was a mortar shell blasted through a dark veil. Jeb Barriman silently thanked them as he shuffled along the road, his fists clenching the worn handlebars of his now-lifeless motorbike. The dirt road buckled and squirmed with mud that had churned up and then hardened, making the bike's tires jostle and tremble as he guided them across. The journey should have been a swift one, but some quirk of fate made the old creature's engine finally sputter out of existence and strand Jeb in the middle of the back country. Trees and fields glistened darkly on either side, but he wasn't afraid; there was no man or woman out there to be afraid of, and the weight of a pistol in the inside pocket of his coat did some good as well. The night simmered peacefully, with no sounds but the whirr of cicadas and the occasional hoot of an owl.
A cry ruptured the night, a strangl
:iconrakaseth:Rakaseth 0 0


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I've been working on this one story for years. It's so fascinating for me to look back and see all the different variations of it, how much it's changed over so much time. Now that I think about it, things were pretty weird way back when I first started writing it. But now I thought I'd finally gotten it to a point where everything seems to be falling into place, and that I'm happy with what I have.

So of course I had to have the realization that everything I'm writing is terribly cliched.

I'm not really sure how I manged to build up this idea of my story as a paragon of originality and taste (Ha!), but I did. And now the house of cards has fallen. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad. I'd much rather know what's wrong with my writing so I can start trying to fix it, as opposed to existing in a comfortable bubble of self confidence and pride and... no no, reality is better. It's just frustrating, because I thought I had it down, and now I realize there's a lot more to be changed. But I'm not going to give up on it. I WILL get this story down, out of pure spite if nothing else.

The biggest cliches I'm picking up on now are the following:

- An ancient civilization leaves behind clues which the characters follow to use their technology in the epic battle.
- The characters go on a scavenger-hunt style quest around the world to pick up the items they need to solve the mystery.

If anyone has any thoughts on these tropes, like examples of books which use or subvert them, or advice on how to use them to my advantage, I'd be ecstatic to hear them. I could really use some advice right now.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Howdy! I do visual art as a hobby, mostly fantasy or sci-fi stuff that pops into my head. Writing has always been my passion, and it's my aspiration to be an author one day. I'm also completely obsessed with books and movies and television. Seriously, it's a problem. XD

My current fixations include the movies upcoming this year: Hunger Games, Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, and the Hobbit. I'm always up for a geek-out session about any of these.

I'm looking to meet more people on this site to comment on each other's deviations; I'm pretty active on dA (except when I'm not :P) and if I watch you I will most likely try to comment on as much as I can.

Check out my blog if you want, where I ramble on about fiction and whatever else floats to the surface of the murky pit that is my mind.



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